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The history of "K" line

Pioneering and Innovation

The history of “K” Line is a story of early pioneering and continuous innovation that resulted

in the formation of our present, state-of-the-art, worldwide network that is recognized as one

of the major marine transport operations in the 21st Century.

It is a story of constant commitment to unique strategies with a spirit dedicated to

overcoming difficult challenges. “K”Line has built a proud tradition for its trendsetting that

distinguishes it in the maritime shipping industry through its sensitivity to changing times

and progressive activity, agile business activities.

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drive green project

Additional Information

 “K” LINE has launched “DRIVE GREEN PROJECT” in order to pursue environmental protection and energy savings with the world’s most advanced technologies integrated on the 7,500-unit car carrier, “DRIVE GREEN HIGHWAY”, as its flagship. Construction was proceeded at Japan Marine United Corporation and completed in February 2016. 

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Drive Green video


Until 2013, “K” LINE’s Annual Report and Social and Environmental Report were published separately, according to their respective editorial policies.
Since fiscal year 2014, the Group has integrated both aspects and issued as a “K” LINE REPORT, with the goal of helping all stakeholders better understand “K” LINE Group’s corporate activities, perspectives on social responsibility, initiatives toward environmental conservation and safety in navigation and cargo operations, and medium- and long-term visions. 

KLINE REPORT 2019 (pdf)


KLINE REPORT 2018 (pdf)


KLINE REPORT 2017 (pdf)


KLINE REPORT 2016 (pdf)


KLINE REPORT 2015 (pdf)


KLINE REPORT 2014 (pdf)