"K" Line (Europe) Ltd.


Car Carrier


 With state of the art dedicated car carriers, we transport completely built up cars as well as construction machinery and static cargoes safely and swiftly all over the world 

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LNG Carrier


 Since 1983, we have developed our LNG operations globally be leveraging our business in transporting LNG to Japan 

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Dry Bulk Carrier


 We offer transport services for raw materials such as coal, iron ore, grain, woodchips and pulp 

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Container Carrier


ONE with customers, partners, and the world,

we refine ideas, blend cultures, and deliver optimal solutions.

The future of container shipping is waiting to be explored, and we’re excited to explore it. As ONE, we absolutely can

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Total Logistics


 Connect customers heart and the world 

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Energy Development


Logistics support for offshore platform and handling anchors

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